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We at Seapoint Solar are your full-service partner, we provide you and your business with engineering, procurement, and construction. With our partner program we can shorten your install times ranging from 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks. Using our in house design, engineering, and installation team we offer you the best services possible.

We partner with corporations like Mosaic, Sunnova, and Open Solar to make sure you get your job done on time. With our services we can provide you with service help on:

How Do Solar Panels Work?

  • Marketing Support
  • No Membership or Software Fees
  • Virtual & In person Sales Training & Support
  • Digital Marketing & Lead Support
  • Preset Appointment Opportunities
  • Dedicated Account Management Support
  • CRM Platform Specific to Residential Solar
  • Monthly Sales Spiffs Plus Incentives & Bonuses


  • Commissions Paid Weekly
  • Ongoing Income Potential
  • Multiple Financing Options for Homeowners
  • Free Design and Engineering Services
  • Fast Cycle Times and Installation Services
  • Free Payroll Management Services for You and Your Team
  • Scale Your Business On Your Terms 

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