Channel Partnership

Experience unparalleled growth for your business by joining the Seapoint Solar Channel Partnership program. Our diverse range of partnerships is tailored to suit your unique needs, ensuring you reap the benefits in every way possible.

Sales Partner:

Opt for our Sales Partnership and unlock a world of opportunities. Not only will you continue selling solar solutions, but you'll also enjoy substantial cash payouts and luxurious packages as rewards for your efforts. This partnership is perfect for those already engaged in solar sales, providing a well-deserved recognition and boosting your business.

Sales & Install Partner:

For comprehensive support and maximum benefits, our Sales & Install Partnership is the way to go. By choosing this package, you'll gain access to all the perks of the Sales Partnership, including the enticing cash payouts and luxury packages. Additionally, you'll have the added advantage of leveraging our fully integrated sales engine. This powerful tool streamlines your operations, offers unmatched support, and even grants access to rebates of up to $500K. Take your business to new heights with this all-inclusive partnership.

Install Partner:

Transforming sales into tangible reality is effortless with our Install Partnership. This program equips your business with operational and pricing support for all solar installation projects. Say goodbye to complexities and embrace a smoother, more efficient workflow. The Install Partner package simplifies your tasks, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Seapoint Solar's Channel Partnership program is designed to empower your business, regardless of your specialization or scale. With our tailored offerings, you can confidently take steps towards success, secure in the knowledge that you have a reliable and committed partner by your side.

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